Can we succeed by following one’s heart and what is success?

A friend of mine told me that if you are able to keep your friends, you are the most successful. Does this mean that success equals to friendship?

This is an important question in a world where “time is money”. Time became an attribute employed to make money, which translates into work. The time left to enjoy one’s personal life is scarce, resulting in difficult choices to make about the time shared across family, friends and hobbies.

In parallel, money became a measurement of success and happiness. Money was originally used to replace barter which revealed unpractical as goods exchanged were substantially different. The first criterion used to set the value of these goods was the time that each good required to be produced. Things got more complicated as trade grew on a larger scale and international. Not only time had to be taken into consideration: to this were added, among other components, cost of transportation and salaries when people started to get paid (after the abolition of slavery). As the economy grew, not only products but also services were offered to people.

Finally, we live in a world where money has replaced time. We have got more money but « less or no time ». Paradoxically, we would love to have more time to spend more money. With so little time, the boom of internet and derived technologies emerged in the right context, facilitating the transactions and interactions and saving precious time to do whatever people decide to spend time for and with.

The inconvenient I see in such a world, where money governs and is at the center of people’s lives, is that money increasingly influences people’s choice. For instance, I met a man, born in Mauritius and living in Montreal, who traveled to another city to participate in a pharmaceutical study. He tried medicine for epilepsy to see how he would react. He said he is only doing that for money in order to realize his dream of going to Hawaii. Whilst some people, like me, may see in such experiments a way of helping research progress and treat people – although pharmaceutical companies are businesses – he only sees the money in return.

I am just wondering what is the impact of money as it relates to every single act of our lives except a very few I can think of. Does money indicate how much we care about someone? I don’t think the rich love more than the poor. Can money buy dreams? The answer is obviously “no” but we usually link money and what it can buy to our wants and how they can be met. Consequently, money has become the main power in our lives. From an instrument for exchange, money evolved to become a means for judgment, playing a significant role in the way we lead our lives.

Man still aspires to be happy, also meaning to be rich. To achieve that goal, people rely on God, drugs in the broader sense, money, technologies, etc. I would like to go back to my friend’s statement to conclude that “keeping friends in this world of ours is all the most difficult, and if someone succeeds s/he must indeed be highly successful.”


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