Reflection at the end of the journey

What did this trip teach me?

Don’t hold onto your ideas; don’t be afraid to share them with other people.

At the end of the day, who you are is what you shared, and with whom. It is not your possessions and what belongs to you.

Freedom is Key to Happiness.

Institutions were created to make humans feel secure about the future and uncertainties. But they fail to deliver their promises because life itself is full of surprises.

The question ‘why?’ will never give an answer to the Unknown, let alone the question ‘what?’.

Our structures, like the timeline, will never be able to compete with nature, even less with Space.

To tame the Void is to see beyond what is here – the Invisible.

That shouldn’t impede us to live in the present.

Looking in the future prevents us from enjoying the Present.

This travel – inside and outside, in the realm of things and ideas – owes a lot to the people whom I encountered, either briefly or more extensively.

All of them I thank for their kindness and openness.

All of them I love for their humanity.


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