Alpha Beauty

Once again synchronicity bridges the divide.  I was at Wild Gecko, the artisanal gift shop, talking to Poem, one of the owners, about how I believe that studying and appreciating beauty allows us to feel what God is like.  Beauty having a purpose which, if we contemplate, reveals something delightful within our inner space. It connects us to the purpose of creation. The unfolding of joy and the continuation of inspiration.

You are right that perfection isn’t what I or we should be looking for because the truth is we already are perfect and if we align our personality ego to soul we will feel beautiful.  The fact that we exist is perfection playing its purpose, naturally.  Recognizing Beauty allows us to celebrate the essence of what is perfect.  The more I observe what is beautiful and give critical thought, the more I realise a spiritual experience.

Just my thoughts – as I celebrate all that is beautiful in me and the world around me.

Giving thanks for being here on Earth in this time.
Love flows.  Have a great weekend.


Tomorrow is now.
–Eleanor Roosevelt


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